Minerito ii

Potosi is not only one of the highest cities in the world at m, or 13,ft but it was also once THE largest and richest city on the planet. Little wonder then, that when the Spanish conquistadors found out about it some years ago, they immediately began to exploit it. So much silver was extracted here that the Spanish Mint was located in this very city and the wealth that came out of the mountain funded the expansion of the Spanish Empire not only in South America but across the globe.

Although most of the silver is gone, the mountain is still mined for whatever is left as well as tin, zinc and other minerals. Thereafter, they are in the realm of El Tio and it is to him that miners make offerings of coca leaves and alcohol in return for protection and a good vein of minerals. The conditions within the mines are extreme and people die all the time. Most only work in the mines because they have to. Yet there is also a distinct pride in being a miner and this was displayed clearly on my last night in Potosi when there was a parade of los mineritosyoung boys who have the honour of dressing as miners and dancing in the annual parade.

For those of you interested in equipment, I used my Sony A7r ii which is now my primary stills and video camera with a selection of native and adapted lenses. By far my favourite lenses to use on this body are the Leica 50mm Summicron f2 and the Zeiss 35mm Biogon f2. This combination gives a very pleasant looking image when viewed at normal size classic, rather than clinical, which is to say not bitingly sharp but with very nice transitions between tones and focus areas but when pixel peeping, there is significant chromatic aberration and lack of sharpness.

Sometimes it nails it. But often it just totally misses without rhyme or reason. Perhaps my copy of the Fotodiox is not properly micro-aligned? Thank you for your poignant photo essay that shows the harsh conditions and the rough hewn men who must brave these conditions every day! Oh dear, I only just saw your comment… Thank you! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Click OK. Verify that all volume levels on MIDI controller are turned all the way down not master volume. Press play. Audio Record Wizard is inexpensive and works well www. You can also save your reason arrangement and replay your recorded brainwaves. If it is flashing red, check your electrode placements for good direct-skin contact. Do not use in an area with a lot of electrical interference. Double check that LoopBe30's shortcut detection is disabled.

Hi, I think it is a great project. I'm a medical student and researcher and at the moment I'm working on my own research and I think that it is very functional, so I would like to use it for my research and work and I would like to get some more information. Thanks in advance! Hi Aaron, I think this is a great project. More by the author:. Video of the brainwave music: MindMIDI is a revolutionary way of making music, with your brainwaves, in real-time.

Brainwaves are like radio stations, with each station working on a different layer, and all the stations are always playing. MindMIDI works like a radio, allowing you to hear your brain's amazing electrical symphony. The music can be influenced with intention, and you can hear the immediate musical feedback. You can have multiple instruments, and each instrument can be controlled by a different band of the brainwave spectrum.

For example, your Delta and Theta waves could be controlling a cello, Alpha waves could be controlling a piano, and your Beta and Gamma waves could be playing a violin. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!Cicero defined it the greatest and most beautiful of all Greek cities.

Ortigia, situated along a stunning bay, is the core of the original core of Syracuse, masterpiece of art and history, connected to the mainland by a new bridge. An ancient charm to be discovered. Indulging at sunset on the sea when the last rays of the sun light up the island of the Ortigia island. A real spectacle of nature, that can be enjoyed from each of the 77 rooms and 4 Junior Suites built with art by local artisans, offering maximum privacy and freedom.

Villas are luxury rooms where privacy meets an exclusive environment. They are ideal for families or couples, they have a priviledged position and have a private outdoor pool. Focusing on well-being without the frenzy of everyday life, relieving the accumulated tension with a little of physical activity and stretching your muscles with a relaxing massage.

Treat yourself to moments of wellbeing all for you and retemper your spirit in our gym or Minareto Spa. Sicily: a land of ancient culinary traditions, integral part of a rich cultural heritage. A stay in our region means discovering flavors and fragrances of an ancient cuisine, to be discovered day after day at the Minareto Seaside Luxury Resort. An emotion stays in your heart forever. And the greatest gift of the Minareto Resort to our guests is the thrill of a beach of white and soft sand, the clear waters of the Syracuse cliffs, the breathtaking views on the island of Ortigia.This has sold over million systems worldwide.

It sold more than 49 million systems worldwide. Vendee ten million units worldwide. Were sold dozen million units worldwide. He has earned that position in this prestigious company creating games that have been appeal and innovative to customers such as Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, among others.

The approach has had Mr Shigeru and his working group, unlike its competitors, is that not only seeks the segmentation for children and young people, but also to unite the family and give them the opportunity to spend time together having fun.

Satoru Iwata: Mr Iwata currently is president of Nintendo. In addition, he is a person that unlike past presidents of this company likes teamwork. Moreover, he is the only one of the presidents of the three leading companies in the world of video games Microsoft's XboxSony's PlayStation 3, and Nintendo involved in creating games. Mr Satoru is innovative, creative, he like change, and besides, he has helped position Nintendo as the leader in the market for video game hardware and other products offered to the customer.

Families: Families are very important to this company and that is their target market. Nintendo seeks to create games using high technology, join family and spend time together insight. For example, families can play Wii Sports "doing exercise" in the case of Wii Sports and that is new in this business, which was later taken account by its competitors, as it is very creative and innovative. Nintendo: inthis company released its latest video gaming console, the Wii.

However, this company was able to position itself in the market by offering high quality games, and lower price compared to their competitors. This was reflected in sales that Nintendo obtained the end ofover their strongest competitors. In fact, part of it certainly goes back to its hardware design. On the other hand, Nintendo chose to use a simpler and much less expensive processing system, and has yet to introduce a price reduction on the system.

“El Minerito”, un alma milagrosa

With the Wii, Nintendo has been pushing that it hopes will have a more casual family-friendly appeal. Nevertheless, Nintendo has not abandoned its core audience since this company created games such us Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros…. Acontecimientos Sociales This has sold over million systems worldwide -the Famicom enters the U. Vendee ten million units worldwide -launch the Game Cube to compete with the PS2 -Nintendo introduced a new technology to prevent piracy of games -the Game Boy Advance was introduced to the market -was released the Nintendo DS Lite.

Were sold dozen million units worldwide -the phisolophy to Develop something in the videogame industry was "fastest and powerfull" -the Nintendo Wii console Develop -Nintendo sold 4. Leer documento completo Guardar.Using your fingers, you can swipe to different sections of your board, turn the virtual ruler to the angle you want, and drag and drop images to create a photo stack.

Whether you use pen or touch, Microsoft Whiteboard Preview recognizes your intent and delivers your desired outcomes in an instant. And unlike traditional whiteboards, the app automatically saves your boards, so you can pick up where you left off or share links to your boards, so others can build on top of your work.

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We look forward to receiving your comments, suggestions, and feature requests via the Windows Feedback Hub, which you can access from within the app.

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See the Xbox Insider Program agreement. Note that the available Update Preview ring(s) you can register with will be based on your Xbox Insider XP score and tenure in the program. There are four Xbox One Update Preview rings, which allow you control when and how often you will get early access to console updates. Do I need to join Xbox One Update Preview to participate in game or app previews available through the Xbox Insider Program.

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How can I stop participating in the Xbox Insider Program.Christina, United States Icelandic Winter Highlights, October 2016 The tour exceeded my expectations.

It was an unforgettable experience to an extraordinarily beautiful country. The tour guide was sincere, knowledgeable and kind. He being a native to Iceland made the experience even more authentic. The group size was perfect, enabling the guide to personalize the tour even more. It was good to have some personal time in Reykjavik to explore on my own. I felt it a very walkable city, and I felt completely safe exploring on my own.

The locals were always friendly, and willing to help me find my way when I got a little turned around. I've wanted to visit Iceland four about 12 years, and realizing a dream through this tour was more than I could have asked for.

Thank you - I'll be returning to Iceland. Sandy, United States Iceland Winter World, October 2016 Outstanding Tour and the people were wonderful. Hilmar did an outstanding job long distance and this tour was more than I had ever anticipated. What a beautiful place. Thank you for your dedicated help and follow through. John, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, October 2016 We had an amazing time in Iceland visiting some incredible places.

The tour was well put together, with each day full of interest.

The Mountain That Eats Men Alive

We visited many of your recommended places along our route, all of which we enjoyed greatly. Mayur, United States Express Iceland, October 2016 You were absolutely amazing from the beginning till the end. Tay Wei Ting, Singapore Exotic Hideaways, September 2016 The little gems along the way were a great touch. Stephanie, Australia Iceland Full Circle, September 2016 All the guesthouses we stayed in were very very comfortable. Margaret and Paul, United Kingdom Iceland Full Circle, September 2016 The day tours were excellent, particularly the ones from Hofn, Isafjordur and Akureyri.

The Mountain That Eats Men Alive

Greg, United States The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia, September 2016 Sofia was very, very helpful. Eric, United States Majestic Highlights of Norway, September 2016 Thank you Nordic Visitor for helping us to create a honeymoon trip to Norway that we'll never forget. Petra did an amazing job of lining up incredible sights and accommodations during our 11 day trip- thank you for all of your expertise and assistance. Glyn and Bozena, United Kingdom Romance Around Iceland, September 2016 Our whole honeymoon was amazing from start to finish and we would just like to thank Sigfus for putting all the hard work in to making it so special for us.

From the personalised itinerary to the highlighted road map with all the stops annotated with times and dates it felt like we were your only customers.

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Jackson and Kelsey, United States Romance Around Iceland, August 2016 Nordic Visitor made it so easy to explore Iceland on our honeymoon. We were able to avoid the stress of booking hotels or rental cars in a foreign, unfamiliar country, while also having the freedom to do all the things we wanted. Their materials were super helpful, and their staff was always there to answer our questions along the way. We absolutely LOVED our trip, and will be booking with Nordic Visitor again.In 1991, the network became the first black-controlled TV company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2005, Johnson retired from the network, turning over his titles of president and chief executive officer to former BET vice president Debra L.

By 2007, the network had launched two more music-oriented networks, BET Hip-Hop and BET Gospel. BET also launched a batch of original programming by this time, including reality shows Baldwin Hills and Hell Date, competition show Sunday Best, and town hall-style discussion show Hip Hop vs.

He was then replaced by Stephen Hill, who is also executive vice president of music programming and talent. In the wake of this news, Connie Orlando, SVP Specials, Music Programming, and News, served as the interim Head of Programming, according to chairman and CEO Debra Lee.

ep 2 no próximo eu minero

Original programming currently seen on BET include Real Husbands of Hollywood, and Being Mary Jane. In addition, the channel broadcasts acquired television series, primarily in the form of sitcoms (such as The Parkers, Family Matters and Moesha), drama series (such as Scandal), and same-day or week-delayed late-night runs of syndicated talk shows (namely The Wendy Williams Show, The Real, and Dish Nation). Feature films released theatrically and on home video are also aired on the channel, comprising much of its primetime and weekend schedule.

The BET Walk of Fame Awards were established in 1995 by BET. In 2004, proceeds were shared between United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the BET Foundation, which executes the Healthy BET obesity awareness campaign and other pro-social causes like the annual charitable black-tie BET Walk of Fame ceremony.

The awards are presented annually and broadcast live on BET. Global promotion is provided by Kroszover Entertainment. The BET Honors were established in 2008 by the network to honor the lives and achievements of African-American luminaries.

The awards are presented annually and broadcast on BET during Black History Month each February. BET UK first transmitted on Videotron (now known as Virgin Media) and several other cable providers from 1993 until 1996.

BET International is the first international version of the channel and is available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East through satellite providers. BET launched on February 27, 2008 on Sky channel 191 and began to be carried by Freesat channel 140 on August 8, 2008. BET International shows a mix of content from the main BET channel and locally produced shows. An exclusive, but temporary, HD version of the channel was made to show the 2009 BET Awards on Freesat EPG 142.

BET is additionally an associate member of the Caribbean Cable Cooperative. The Canadian feed mirrors the American feed, though certain television programs and films are blacked out.

Until 2017, they were replaced with repeats of old music video blocks (namely BET Music, The Pull Up and BET Now). Since November 17, 2015. In 2007, a distribution deal was arranged with Paramount Home Entertainment.

As a result, BET heavily censors suggestive content from the videos that it airs, often with entire verses and scenes removed from certain rap videos. The BET website streamed the funeral live, while the channel periodically broadcast taped, 60-second reports from the funeral by senior news correspondent Andre Showell. Michael Lewellen, BET's senior vice president for corporate communications, defended the decision: "We weighed a number of different options.

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